Working Together

For Better Tomorrow

What We Do

Our programme priorities as a leading child development organization in Nigeria. ACEP adopts the following:

  • Maternal Health, Child Survival And Optimal Development
    Improved access to quality reproductive health, maternal child and adolescent health services that directly benefit woman in the reproductive age group
  • Health
    Improved maternal, new born and child health by enabling community-based interventions and affordable quality health service
  • Education
    Improve access to quality education. Education empowers individual to earn his/her livelihood as well as increase one’s awareness on a range of issues. This ranges from healthcare to appropriate social behavior and to understanding of one’s rights. In the process, education helps the child evolve as better citizen

    ACEP is positioned to protect the Nigeria child against any form of abuse in Lagos state, and also address the root cause of child poverty through its programme strategic objectives.

    ACEP in Nigeria involve in child protection and child development for its credibility and lasting impacts it creates in the lives of vulnerable and excluded children and their communities

    Our Profile

    Association for Childhood Education Practitioners (Nigeria) (ACEP) is a non-governmental organization which focuses on child development, health, education and reduction of poverty among school children

    ACEP is registered with corporate Affairs Commission as CAC/IT/15131. Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and social development and Ministry of Education. In carry, out its activities. ACEP collaborates with Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), University and Colleges as Consultants in area of training and development of Early Childhood teachers.

    Our Vision

    Eradication of all inhabiting factors militating against the growth and development of Nigeria child

    Our Mission

    To utilize research findings as advocacy tools to protect conventional right of the child.
    To sensitize our society and policy makers on the state of childhood education and health in Nigeria with the view of assisting childhood development and eradication of poverty among children.

    Our Programmes

  • Observing all United Nation/World Dates relevant to children and teachers.
  • Child Right Protection
  • Early Childhood Research and Development
  • Out of school children initiative
  • Training and development of Teachers and Caregivers
  • Montessori Education and Creativity
  • Youth Mentoring and Empowerments
  • Etiquettes and Moral clubs
  • ACEP Library Drive Initiative
  • ACEP School Environmental Health Club
  • ACEP young Farmer Club
  • ACEP Cultural Society
  • Ready to be a Volunteer or Sponsor?

    We are open to welcome new volunteers and sponsors that are ready to join our course in promoting childhood education and and development.

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